Gallery Post Type


Post Formats

Image, Gallery (slideshow), Audio, Video

You can choose one of the 4 gallery post formats to display different type of content. Video and Audio will be only displayed in fullscreen lightbox or post.


Lightbox types


Fullscreen lightbox will cover the whole screen have lots of options, and can display images, slideshow, video and audio.

Small lightbox

Small lightbox can only display images, single or multiple for each gallery post.

lightbox types


Gallery Multiplicity Option

You can set normal post size (1:1), double (2:2), double horizont (2:1) or double vertical (1:2).

Custom Thumbnail Size

You can set custom thumbnail size separately for each gallery page or globally.

Example Small Example Long Example Big


Title on rollover

You can choose whether to show block with title, categories and format icon on rollover or not.

Custom Gallery Post & Categories Color

This theme comes with one awesome option to make your posts looks unique and your website colorful & friendly it is unique custom color for each post, page, category or even tags!

More about Colors here!



Our theme comes with sortable option for gallery posts. You can choose from what categories, gallery post will be displayed on page. This categories will be displayed at the top of the each gallery page by default. So you can sort gallery posts by categories.
You can always disable filter.